Supporting characters in The Legion of Story Keepers.



Ron Karr with Brainiac.

Ron Karr - Brainiac's aid. When Brainiac talked about his plans for the games the following day, Ron Karr oily agreed with his genius and called for Imperiex when Brainiac asked for him. Ron Karr was with Brainiac at the games and called out for the Christians once Brainiac demanded it.

Oswald Cobblepot - A rotund guard at the arena. When Clark and the gang went to comfort some captured Christians, Clark distracted him with some produce as Garth and Ayla took him off where Garth continued to give him food while Ayla made an imprint of the key. The next day, Cobblepot was distracted by Clark again while Kell rescued the Christians, with Cobblepot only realizing the prisoners were gone when it was too late.

Bane - The champion of Brainiac's games. He was strong enough to punch a sandbag in half, which he demonstrated in front of the Christians. Bane later confronted the Christians int he arena and used Venom to fight them. He easily knocked Kell aside, but he was distracted by Dick before Garth shorted out his Venom tubes. As Bane lunged at them when they escaped through the sewer, he was stopped, and Clark knocked him out before he could notice anyone.