Legion of Superheroes (Legion of Superheroes)3

Some of the children.

The Story Keepers series with Legion of Superheroes characters.

The CastEdit

Clark Kent as Ben

Lois Lane as Helena

Kell-El as Zac

Garth Ranzz as Justin

Ayla Ranzz as Marcus

Imra Ardeen as Anna

Dick Grayson as Cyrus

Brainiac as Nero

Imperiex as Nihlus

Ron Karr as Snifilus

Oswald Cobblepot as Starticus


The story takes place in the distant future rather than the past.

The character of the younger sibling is changed to a girl, Ayla.

The foster father character is changed to a farmer instead of a baker.

At the beginning, it shows Garth, Imra, and Ayla being taken in by Clark and Lois.

Brainiac is much calmer than Nero in the series that served as the basis for this fic.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters