Supporting characters from season 6 to twelve of Teen Titans.


Superman Justice League Unlimited2

Superman mourns Bizarro.

Superman/Clark Kent - Shortly after his last fight with Darkseid, Superman saved a young clone of himself from Cadmus at the request of Hamilton. Superman attended Bizarro's funeral and shed a tear on his face. Superman later requested the Titans help on a mission which they eagerly agreed to. They then went to Star Labs where Hamilton had designed a shuttle to take them to a planet. Once the auto-pilot was activated, Superman encouraged the Titans to relax. Superman then silently encouraged Superboy to have something to eat before a pie Starfire found. Once they got close to their destination, Superman explained that they were going on a diplomatic mission and told by the king of the planet that a monster was attacking, and Superman assured him that they'd stop it. Superman then agreed to Superboy's plan to distract the beast until Beast Boy pulled out a large thorn from the foot. After informing the king, they return home, and Superman thanks the Titans for their help as he flies off.

Batman (Justice League)5

Batman attends Bizarro's funeral.

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Batman attended Bizarro's funeral and placed a rose on his tomb. Batman later called Robin and the Titans to Gotham. After thanking the Titans for calling the Batcave nice, he asked Terra to calm down when she arrived and explained to Starfire that he doesn't have friends. He then told Blackfire not to touch anything when she makes to touch Mr. Freeze's gun. He then explains that he needs the Titans to watch Gotham for a month or two while he's on a personal mission and reveals his identity as Bruce Wayne to them as he figures it'd be next to impossible to keep it a secret from them. He then departs.

Aquaman (Justice League Unlimited)

Aquaman at Bizarro's funeral.

Aquaman/Arthur - Aquaman attended Bizarro's funeral and placed a rose on his tomb.

Etrigan (Batman 2)

Etrigan warns the Titans about the Branding Iron's theft.

Etrigan/Jason Blood - One day, the Branding Iron is stolen from Jason by a moth. He then told Robin when he arrived as Etrigan. He then witnesses the Titans get separated into their good and bad sides. When Kitten starts trouble with the Titan copies, named the Teen Tyrants, Etrigan helps the Titans. He charges at Kitten during the fight, but she separates Etrigan and Jason from each other. Etrigan was then ordered by Kitten to fight Robin, but he was stopped by Blackfire. He was returned to normal once Robin got the Branding Iron and undid the spells. He then complimented the Titans on their work and left.

Bizarro (Justice League Unlimited)

Bizarro fights the Titans.

Bizarro - Following the fight with Darkseid, Luthor and Slade took Bizarro and surgically switched his super breath and heat vision to give him fire breath and freeze vision. Bizarro then fought the Teen Titans. He then slammed Beast Boy into the wall and shoved Terra away. When he was contained by Raven, he was accidentally super-charged by a thing of Kryptonite Terra put in the energy. Bizarro then pushed the two aside and froze Raven, Terra, and Beast Boy. He also froze Cyborg. He then used his fire breath to cause Starfire's skirt to catch fire, and she ended up frozen by Bizarro too. He then swung Blackfire away by her hair when she attacked him and froze her too. He then froze Robin when he made to attack Slade, and he finally froze Superboy when he was about to attack Lex. Following that, Bizarro picked his teeth with the ruins of a metal bar. When Superboy frees himself with his heat vision and frees Raven, Raven shields Superboy from Bizarro as he frees them. When Alex Lang, Luthor's son, arrives, Bizarro is told that Alex is a Teen Titan. He then fights Alex until the Titans fight back. Bizarro then pounds Beast Boy and Terra away. He's eventually convinced by Alex that Luthor is the bad guy, so he fights Luthor and is about to kill him before he's stopped by Superboy. Bizarro is then convinced by Superboy to be like Superman. When Luthor escapes and causes the building to self-destruct, Bizarro helps hold the building up as the Titans escape. Bizarro then urges Superboy and Raven to go as he fears for their lives. After that, Bizarro stats he won't die a monster. He's killed when the building collapses on him.

508 055

Kid Flash faces Captain Cold.

Kid Flash - A new member of the Titans East with Jinx. About two months after Superboy joined the Titans, Kid Flash challenged Superboy to a race across Jump City to determine who was the fastest teen alive. The winner would be the one who completed five laps around Jump City. In the middle of the race, they slipped on a piece of ice, and Kid Flash wanted to go in right away, but he agreed with Superboy to wait until some back up arrived. Kid Flash then explained to Superboy, Robin, Speedy, and Raven about Captain Cold. Kid Flash then followed Superboy's plan to trip Captain Cold's trap, and when they were frozen, Kid Flash phased through the ice with his speed. Kid Flash then pinned down Captain Cold's limbs, and after he was taken away, he continued his race with Superboy.

508 045

Jinx says that you get used to Kid Flash's flash.

Jinx - Jinx is now a new member of the Titans East with Kid Flash. She watched Kid Flash and Superboy begin their race around Jump City, used to Kid Flash's show-off nature. Jinx then arrived to give Kid Flash and Superboy back up when they faced Captain Cold, but it appears she didn't do anything obvious in the fight.

Speedy - Speedy is still a member of the Titans East. He was called in for backup before Superboy and Kid Flash fought Captain Cold. Speedy pinned Captain Cold to the wall with one of his arrows.

Lois Lane (Justice League Unlimited)2

Lois comforts Superboy.

Lois Lane - Lois attended Bizarro's funeral and comforted her son, Superboy.

Jonathan and Martha Kent

Jonathan and Martha Kent, still as lively as ever.

Jonathan Kent - Still alive and now the adopted grandfather of Superboy, Jonathan was asked by his adopted grandson, Conner, to look after a shape-shifting girl named Tina. He assured Conner that they'd keep an eye on her.

Martha Kent - Still alive and now the adopted grandmother of Superboy, Martha was asked by Conner to look after a shape-shifting girl named Tina.

Emil Hamilton - Hamilton was mainly in charge of Superboy's creation and when he heard about Superboy being used as a weapon by some of the other doctors, Hamilton put his bitterness towards Superman aside and asked for him to come to Cadmus. After Superboy was saved, Hamilton and Superman agreed to try and put their differences aside. Hamilton later built a ship for a mission for Superman and the other Titans.

Alfred Pennyworth - Alfred met the Titans when they began watching Gotham for Batman. He then told Robin that everything was fairly normal. After that, he agreed to be Starfire's friend. Next, he offered some food to the Titans. Alfred later hoped that he wouldn't have to worry about dogs anymore when Krypto and Mel run around and thanked Conner when he managed to get Krypto to calm down. After the Titans fell asleep following a fight with the Joker, Alfred covered them up with blankets.

James Gordon (Superman)

James Gordon talks to the Titans.

Commissioner James Gordon - Gordon was told by Batman that the Titans would be watching Gotham for awhile, and when Croc began attacking the Banking District, he told the Titans. Gordon then informed the Titans about Ra's Al Ghul calling them to the old carnival.

Tina - An orphaned girl who was taken in by a mysterious man who gave her a shape-shifting ability and artificially aged to sixteen years old to improve the range of people she could turn into. The man then ordered her to rob a bank as Blackfire. She ran into Superboy and pushed him aside before his budding x-ray vision caused him to see her green skeleton, a side-effect of her gaining her powers. She was later ordered by the "bad man" to kill Superboy. She managed to wind Superboy with a punch, but she was held up on a piece of earth by Terra and cried to be let down. After that, she gave up, and Superboy took her to the Kent Farm to be taken care of, allowing Tina to realize that Superboy was Conner Kent. A couple of months later, Tina was four years old again, and when the Titans arrived at the Kent Farm to relax, Tina played with Superboy's new dog, Krypto.



Krypto - A dog that was genetically altered to have the same powers of Superman and Superboy. He eventually met Superboy after he escaped and played fetch with him and showed that he had super speed, super strength, and he could fly. Krypto then licked Superboy's face. He later flew to Titan Towers with him. Upon meeting the other Titans, Krypto immediately licked Raven's face, despite her protests. Krypto then caused some trouble when he ate Blackfire's favorite pair of boots and drooled on the T-Car. He then got reprimanded by Starfire when he drank out of the toilet. He more than proved he could earn his keep when he fought a bank robber who had beaten the other Titans and tore off his mechanical arm, which had the money, and pulled apart the rest of the suit before pulling the pilot out. Krypto was then congratulated by the Titans, and he licked Raven again. He even managed to win over Cyborg and Blackfire and became a Titan. When the Titans relaxed at the Kent Farm, Krypto played with Tina. Krypto later covered his eyes while he watched a video about antelopes mating and blushed. He then went with the Titans to stop a bank-robber named Exotica. He was then targeted by a controlled Cyborg, but he pinned him down. After that, he was revealed to have recently pooped in the shoes Blackfire was wearing at that moment. He later went to sleep between a de-aged Superboy and Raven, and they petted him as they napped. Later, he comforted Blackfire when she was feeling alone and listened to how Blackfire had believed her time with the Titans has changed her. At Gotham, Krypto chased Mel around excitedly before he was calmed down by Conner. Shortly after that, he waited with Mel for the Titans to return from Ra's Al Ghul's challenge which they did. After that, Krypto licked everyone.

Mel - A new dog given to the Titans by the king of another planet for helping calm a rampaging monster. Mel's first act as the newest Titan pet was to lick Raven's face with her extra long tongue. She's blue. Mel later ran around Wayne Manor excitedly at Gotham, but she calmed down when Krypto did. She also waited with Krypto for the Titans to return from Ra's Al Ghul's challenge. When they did so, she joined in licking all of them.


Metallo (Justice League Unlimited)

Metallo before he was beaten.

Metallo - Recovering from his brain being shut down by Grodd. Metallo went to Jump City to rob a bank and steal exploding darts when he was confronted by the Titans. When the newest Titan, Superboy, charged at him, Metallo caught his wrist and twisted his wrist as he exposed his new Kryptonite heart. When Cyborg tried to help, Metallo knocked him into Beast Boy. Starfire then tried to kick him down to give Superboy time to recover, but she only ended up hurting herself. His Kryptonite heart's radiation was then blocked by Raven, so it couldn't supply him with power, or weaken Superboy. He was then punched into the sea.

Clayface (Justice League)

Clayface confronts Robin and his friends.

Clayface - Somehow recovering from his fight with the Justice League, Clayface was recruited by Zod to attack a prison in Jump City. He then ran into the Titans and fought them. He was able to survive an attack from Starfire and a combined attack from Robin and Cyborg followed by another attack by Starfire. He then pulled Superboy into himself and tried to suffocate him before Superboy was released by an extremely powerful Star Bolt from Starfire. Clayface was then incapacitated when Raven froze him in place with her powers and Beast Boy rammed into him. Clayface was then gathered up and sent back to Arkham.

Duela Dent

Duela fights the Titans.

Catgirl/Duela Dent - The daughter of Harvey Dent, Two-Face. She was ignored by her father for not being a twin and ended up with a split-personality disorder where each personality proclaimed herself to be the daughter out a different Batman villain. She was hired by Slade and Zod to fight the Titans. She then had a bank teller activate the silent alarm to bring in the Titans, and she confronted them on the roof. She then proved how formidable she was when she shot Superboy with a Kryptonite bullet, but he was saved when Raven took the bullet out and turned it into led. Her gun was then destroyed by Superboy. After that, she figured she'd lose, so she pushes a button that makes the whole building begin to collapse, and they let Duela go in order to save the people inside, and Duela latter applauds the Titans and gives Superboy a coy wink before heading off. Later, one of Duela's other personalities, the Daughter of Scarecrow, took over, and she planned to rob Jump City University. When she was confronted by the Titans, she tossed her fear gas at them, but they all recovered before she could escape, and she was grabbed by Superboy and tossed to the others where Robin unmasked her to reveal Duela. She was then sent to Arkham.

Talia Al Ghul (Superman)

Talia invades the Tower.

Talia al Ghul - Talia assisted Ra's Al Ghul in his plan to capture the Titans' souls. When Talia attempted to take Superboy and Raven's souls, the control of flung out of her hand by Raven. After they find Superboy and Raven after they escape, Talia starts a fire to destroy the puppets they contained the Titans' souls in until Superboy, in Raven's body, destroyed the controller. After that, Talia escaped with her father.

Captain Cold - When Kid Flash and Superboy raced around Jump City, Captain Cold froze a nearby area of the race track, so that they would investigate in a nearby cabin. When they came in, Captain Cold froze them and explained that now all he had to do was wait for Superman and Flash to arrive, but they escaped thanks to previous planning and calling several other Titans for backup, with Kid Flash escaping with his speed, and Robin breaking the ice, so Superboy could get out. Captain Cold's gun was then destroyed by Raven, and he was pinned to a wall by one of Speedy's arrows. After that, Kid Flash trapped Captain Cold's limbs, and he was taken away by the police.

Jax-Ur and Mala

Jax-Ur and Mala confront the Titans.

Jax-Ur - Somehow surviving the black hole and ending up on Earth, Jax-Ur and Mala began tearing up the city. When Superboy and the Titans confronted them, Jax-Ur commented about how while Superboy may be a Kryptonian, he and Mala were already full grown. Jax-Ur then received a punch in the mouth from Superboy. Jax-Ur then held Superboy's arms as Mala pounded on him until he spun around, and she ended up hitting Jax-Ur. Eventually, Jax-Ur begins to use his heat vision to finish off Superboy until he's stopped by the Titans. After that, the Titans fight Jax-Ur and Mala until they're contained by Raven's power and sent back to the Phantom Zone by Superboy.

Mala - Somehow surviving the black hole and ending up on Earth, Jax-Ur and Mala began tearing up the city. When Superboy and the Titans confronted them, Mala agreed with Jax-Ur's comment about how while Superboy may be a Kryptonian, she and Jax-Ur were already full grown. Mala then slammed Superboy's face into the ground. Jax-Ur then held Superboy's arms as Mala pounded on him until he spun around, and she ended up hitting Jax-Ur. After kneeing Superboy in the gut, she let Jax-Ur begin to use his heat vision to finish off Superboy until he's stopped by the Titans. After that, the Titans fight Jax-Ur and Mala until they're contained by Raven's power and sent back to the Phantom Zone by Superboy.

Mxyzptlk (Superman)

Mxyzptlk annoys Superboy and Raven.

Mxyzptlk - The prankster from the Fifth Dimension. Mxyzptlk decided to pester Superboy and Raven as they'd prove to be a challenge but believed that they were too dumb to trick him into saying his name backwards. He first caused some general confusion when he's nearly hit by a car before disappearing and the car turning into bubbles. He then introduces himself, spitting in Superboy's eye and licking Raven. He was then tricked into saying Kltypzyxm when Superboy and Raven asked what his name backwards was. Three months later, he was tricked into saying it again when they greeted him as Mr. Kltypzyxm. Three months later, he was tricked again when he spell checked a letter to Superboy's mom, and it was rigged to make him spell out his name backwards. Three months later, he turned all the Titans except Raven and Superboy into toddlers to aggravate them and revealed that they could only get rid of him for good by getting him to reveal his name backwards twice. They then pretended to give up and Mxy was asked to look after the new Toddler Titans, but he chased after them as a plan and was tricked into skywriting his name, backwards, twice. He then disappeared forever to the Fifth Dimension, and the kids were turned back to normal.

Exotica - Another one of Lex Luthor's personal meta-humans. She can control any male mind with a kiss. She was sent by Luthor to rob a bank and take control of the male Titans' mind. She then kissed Beast Boy and had him run over Terra multiple times as a cheetah. She then kissed Cyborg and had him attack Krypto, but he was pinned by Krypto. She then kissed Robin, but before she could have him do anything, all the boys were bound up in Raven's energy. She then kissed Superboy, but he was immune to her powers, and he tossed her away. When she tried to escape, he super-heated the door knob with his heat vision, so she couldn't open it. She was then knocked out and sent to jail.

206 006

Killer Moth listens to his daughter's plan.

Killer Moth - When Kitten demands to make a plan to destroy the Titans, Moth has one of his moths steal the Branding Iron of Morgaine LeFey from Jason Blood.

Kitten - Kitten demands to be allowed to make a plan to destroy the Titans and has her father steal the Branding Iron of Morgaine LeFey. She then uses the Branding Iron to make evil versions of the Teen Titans and control them. She then called them the Teen Tyrants. She then causes general havoc like having Superboy destroy a theater that was showing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, have Raven rob an ice cream truck, and has Cyborg break into a cake store. When the Titans and Etrigan arrived to fight the Tyrants, Kitten used the Iron to separate Etrigan from Jason Blood and ordered him to attack Robin. She was then paralyzed by Raven, had the Iron taken from her by Superboy, and her plan was foiled when Robin undid the magic. He then stamped the symbol on Kitten's forehead and forced her into her room for six months. She was then forced to ran off as she said that the Titans would pay for this.

Killer Croc (Batman 2)

Killer Croc faces the Titans.

Killer Croc/Morgan - Killer Croc was attacking the Bank District when the Titans arrived. Robin began the attack by grappling him up. After he broke free from that, Raven wrapped him in a metal pipe. He managed to bust free from that, and ends up getting head-butted in the stomach by Beast Boy, in the form of a bull. He then gets punched and kicked upwards by Starfire and Blackfire before Superboy hits him in the head with two trash can lids. As he's then lowered to the ground, he sinks to his shoulders in earth thanks to Terra's powers.

110 007

Mad Mod fights.

Mad Mod - A mechanical version of Mod was used by Ra's Al Ghul to test Beast Boy. Mod was able to have Beast Boy hypnotized but smashed by Superboy when the other Titans arrived.

Harley Quinn - Harley later reunited with a recovered Joker and helped him rob a bank when they were stopped by the Teen Titans. After Superboy is shot by a Kryptonite bullet, Harley puts tape over Raven's mouth to stop her from using her powers to remove it. Harley then got a back hand punch by Blackfire before she was knocked out by Joker. After she and Joker's get away car was destroyed, she was grabbed by Beast Boy. After being freed by Joker, Harley kicked Terra unconscious and gloated about having beaten the Teen Titans until Raven held her upside down with her powers until she passed out. Harley was then taken the New Arkham.