Spider-Man and Sandman (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Spidey faces off against the one who kidnapped Mary Jane and Gwen.

Spectacular Spider-Man to the story of Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk.

The CastEdit

Spider-Man/Peter Parker as Mickey

Black Spider-Man/Eddie Brock as Donald

Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly as Goofy

Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy as the Harp

Flint Marko as Willie


Instead of the story being told at a party, the story is told as a bedtime story to May Parker and George Reilly.

Also, the role of the harp is split in two between Mary Jane, the beautiful singing voice, and Gwen, the actual leader.

Instead of them accidentally getting to the castle because of the dragon fly, it's planned by Eddie.

Also, it's told what happens to the characters specifically, in which Mary Jane and Peter get married and have May while Ben and Gwen get married and have George.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

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